For many years classic Porsche, air-cooled Beetle and American V8 owners have been using Weber downdraft IDA carburettors to improve the performance of their engines.

Now Jenvey has launched a throttle body designed to replace the IDA carburettor to facilitate a conversion to EFi. Most noticeable is the bore spacing of these throttle bodies. Most Weber carbs have a bore spacing of 90mm but the IDA/TA has a larger one of 120mm.

Jenvey’s TAP48i also has a bore spacing of 120mm making them suitable for classic Beetle and Bus four cylinder engines and 289 Cobras and 427 big block engines.

In fact they are suitable for use on almost any V8 and V6 engines as well as any opposed cylinder (Boxer) engines subject to a suitable manifold being available.
Jenvey IDA style throttle bodies are available singly as TAS48i at ££324 inc VAT or in pairs as TAP48i at £624 inc VAT. A special TBR1/120 fuel rail is also required at £52.80 inc VAT.

Available directly from 01746 768 810 or visit ENDS.