Been out this week at Blyton Park testing the superb Road Track Race MEVabusa, which managed to stun me with its sheer performance ability.

Blyton’s billiard table smooth 1.7-mile circuit was the perfect venue to test the 560kg exo-skeletal car with, as the name suggests, a Suzuki GSX-R1300 Hayabusa power that delivers around 180bhp.

Luckily, despite monsoon conditions either side of our test the weather remained dry, which was handy given the performance on tap. With a kit priced at £6000 inc VAT this means that a decent DIY build can be completed from around £12,000, which from what I experienced makes it a bargain supercar.

Designed by Stuart Mills, the MEVabusa is Road Track Race’s first dedicated own model and it just goes to show that Mr Mills not only has the knack of producing innovative kitcars that people want – and can afford – to buy but he clearly understands how to make a car go round corners, too.

I was impressed by the company’s Yamaha R1-powered tR1ke but the MEVabusa moves things to another level. You can read the results of our 4am start (!) in the July/August issue of tkc mag…

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