Laser Tools’ new British-designed water pump tester (part no. 5583) has been developed to test the function of mechanically driven cooling system water pumps in situ, while the engine is running. The tester gives an effective indication of the coolant flow by measuring the small pressure rises that occur due to the coolant flowing around the block.

The tester can assist in identifying pump issues due to damaged impellers, seizing impellor shafts and excessive water pump belt or drive slippage. Many modern water pump impellers are made of plastic and can break up without showing any external leaks. This kit can help to identify these issues prior to stripping the engine thus making a more effective and less time consuming diagnosis.

The kit includes a sensitive low pressure gauge, two metres of gauge pipe so that the gauge can be held while the operator sits in the driving seat, and connectors and adaptors to fit coolant rubber hoses and hard pipes of various bores up to 22mm. Fully illustrated instructions are included.

A professional kit for the professional technician, the retail price is £129.60 inc VAT but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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