In addition to building the wonderful Buckland B3 Mk2 three-wheeler, Penguin Speed Shop has other strings to their metaphorical bow.

Brilliant Buckland B3 Mk2 from Penguin Speed Shop. This highly versatile company can also supply suspension conversion kits for Speedster replicas, carry out general kit builds and restorations and...

Hot rod building is a passion and their El Penguino Loco 32 has taken top honours at various custom car shows in the last year and indeed featured in tkc mag March/April 2013 and the Sarn-based company now offer GRP ‘replica’ kit versions of it. Personally I’m really pleased that there seems to distant stirrings in the kit rod department, as back in the day, Geoff Jago sold over 3000 such packages, while Eddie ‘Mr Ed’ Wimble, Chris Boyle, Nick Butler and Ray ‘The Rodfather’ Christopher weighed in with their fair share too.

The recent Stoneleigh show saw ex-Covin man, Nick Vincent exhibiting his glorious 34 Coupe, while several other companies around the UK can also supply kits of varying rod-flavours. However, the Penguin kits (28 Model A and 32 Model B) offer incredible value for money and a very cost-effective build.

Meanwhile, matters Buckland are extremely busy with kits now supplied to customers in North America, in addition to the UK and mainland Europe. I’ve driven several original versions and also the new Mk2 at Blyton Park late in 2012 and loved it. Handling was superb and as with the very best three-wheelers made one forget that it didn’t have four wheels. That good. great hot rods like this and...

We’re due to drive the car again on the public highway in North Wales and will bring you the full road-test in a future issue of tkc mag soon.

As custom fabricators and general kit builders, Penguin Speed Shop has also devised a very neat beam conversion for Porsche 356 Speedster replica that costs around £1800 and transforms the often ponderous handling of a Beetle-based car.

All this and more from or 01745 335 194 ENDS.

...can now offer GRP kit versions of it, too.