I was fascinated by the services offered by one particular exhibitor at Stoneleigh recently as was the constant queue of people around their tent.

Carbon Fibre Magic is the name of the operation, based in Coventry and run by brothers, Owen and Dean Brooks and they offer a hydro-graphic (Google it!) print process on a variety of materials including metal, plastic, wood, GRP, glass and ceramics and although 800 different films are available, the company concentrate on those they feel are ideally suited to automotive use such as carbon-fibre-look mirror surrounds and trim parts. The only limit is your imagination.

They use a special immersion process combined with a paint application that gives a really authentic, quality look and their prices are highly competitive, too. We’ve been to visit them this week, and a feature will appear in the July/August issue of tkc mag, in the shops on July 5.

More information from www.carbonfibremagic.co.uk or 07533 019 012 ENDS.