Wasn’t entirely sure about the relevance of this news item, but actually Tarox make great braking products and actually if you own a kit with the braking systems from one of the models related to this press releases, it will be more than applicable. Hey, maybe you also own a Cortina, in which case…

Although Italian braking guru Tarox may be best-known for its motorsport and tuning solutions, many classic Blue Oval enthusiasts may not realise that the family-owned firm also does an extensive line of upgrades and enhancements for many classic Dagenham-made machines. Its latest solutions for Mks 3, 4 and 5 Cortinas, alongside Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts, offer owners the chance to drastically improve their braking performance without changing the cars hubs or calipers.

These kits offer direct ‘bolt in’ solutions to upgrade all models of these popular cars, including the Lotus variants of the Cortina and the Mexico and RS versions of the Escort. The Tarox items offer a direct replacement to the OEM parts – but with significantly greater performance and much less tendency to fade.

Each disc undergoes a structural stress-relieving heat treatment at the end of each machining cycle that increases durability and massively reduces the risk of warping under repeated heavy braking.

All discs are CNC machine-faced for the perfect braking surface, down to a tolerance of 0.015mm, not only resulting in the perfect performance, but also the perfect finish, to accentuate the overall look of the car.

Four styles are available. The OEM-esque ‘Zero’ with its factory good looks for those looking to achieve concours levels of perfection, the diagonally vented ‘G88’, the JDM inspired ‘Sport Japan’ and the classic, spirally grooved ‘F2000’.

Pads are also available in ‘Corsa’ or ‘Track’ pads from mild to wild, allowing enthusiasts the ability to tailor their cars’ braking performance to suit their driving style and usage. Corsa offers the perfect compromise for cars that live dual lives on road and circuit, while ‘Track’ delivers race-winning performance in circuit environments where nothing else matters but ultimate performance.

Prices start from just £129 for a rear pair of any of the disc designs and pads start from just £35. Nothing increases driver confidence like a set of decent brakes, so if you want to increase your margin of safety – or decrease lap times – and don’t want the expense of a full big brake kit, then these are the perfect upgrade.

Tarox also offer hand-finished stainless steel braided brake lines as an entirely sensible upgrade. These are just £90 for a set of four. All quoted prices include VAT.

For more information, please click to https://en.tarox.com or call 01706 222 872 ENDS.