I’m very partial to the BMW 318i-based (either E36 or E46 generations) GKD Legend, as it offers everything I look for in a kitcar: affordable DIY build cost, straightforward build and BMW donor and it’s available in four cylinder and big block straight-six powered guises.

Transform a humble BMW 2-litre four-banger into a 205bhp stormer with the addition of GKD's new supercharger kit

Both will offer real pleasure, but I like the relative simplicity and humbleness of the 318 version, although that could be about to get a real pep-up with the introduction of a supercharger kit for the 2-litre engine that uses the ‘charger from the Mini Cooper S, a revised inlet manifold and no other mechanical changes.

As a result, power is hiked to a smile-inducing 205bhp accompanied by 190lb/ft torque and costs £1495.

More information from 08709 104 108 or www.gkdsportscars.com ENDS.