NEW LAUNCH – They say that once kitcars are in your blood they NEVER leave. Well, as a further bit of proof as to the validity of that cliché, former GCS Cars partner, Garry Hutton, is about to make a return to the fray with his new RPS bodykit project.

RPS is run by ex-GCS Cars-man, Garry Hutton...

Until 1999, GCS made the excellent Hawke, Morgan-inspired traditional roadster kit and latterly the Leighton three-wheeler, until Gary and his business partner, Colin Puttock, decided that they wanted to explore pastures new.

Anyway, that’s the past, but Garry’s new venture, run with his wife, Julie, is a conversion kit (thus IVA-exempt) based on the relatively un-loved MGB rubber-bumper model and the main kit package includes a replacement one-piece front end (nosecone and wings in-one panel), a separate GRP bonnet and rear bumper section and this is priced at £1295.

They’ll also be supplying a hardtop (for the roadster version), a GRP dash-panel and centre console, a twin-hoop roll-over bar (roadster) and also a GRP fuel filler insert.

RPS will make their public debut at the Stoneleigh show with their demonstrator fitted with a Rover V8 and also revised suspension. Of course, although the intention is to use a later rubber-bumper MGB, there’s no reason why you couldn’t convert a chrome-bumper version, if you had a suitable candidate for conversion.

A GRP body-conversion aimed at 'rubber-bumper' model MGBs.A new website is nearing completion, although in the meantime contact RPS Ltd via 07900 431 244 ENDS.