Warminster-based 2CV Shop has been around for many years, founded way back by Mike and Paula Cooper who for many years also ran the Falcon Cars operation and designed the tiny Pod trailer.

The 2CV Shop can sell you an ABS-plastic bodykit to enable you to build a replica Mèhari. They'll be at Stoneleigh show...

These days, a chap called Darren Arthur is in charge and as the name rather betrays, the company specialises in Citroën’s quirky 2CV, Ami, Acadiane, Fourgonnette, Dyane and corrugated H van.

Darren and co can supply you with a brand new 2CV, built to your specification, from around £14,000, using plenty of Cassis parts, holders of the original Citroën tooling, while as you’d expect, every single part of a 2CV is available off-the-shelf, almost, while a growing area of activity for 2CV Shop is the H van, with a new microsite dedicated to this latest fashion item, via www.h-van.co.uk.

Citroën H-vans are becoming obligatory fare for trendy street food vendors. The 2CV Shop 'caters' (SORRY! - ed) for this model, too.

Seems to me that every purveyor of trendy ‘street food’ has ditched the clapped-out old ambulance and swapped it for an H van. Looking at the front end styling it’s easy to see why the French refer to them as ‘Nez de Cochon’ translated as ‘Pig Nose’!

Anyway, 2CV Shop will also be exhibiting at Stoneleigh 2013 with their Cassis-made Mèhari replica. If you’ve ever spent any time in the south of France, you will almost certainly encountered a Citroën Mèhari beach car. They made nearly 145,000 of them, after all, between 1968-88.

Incidentally, the Mèhari name comes from Mèhariste, a dromedary camel used by the French Armée d’Afrique, while the automotive humped-one is powered by the ubiquitous 602cc flat-twin engine, while the 2CV Shop’s replica features a body made from ABS plastic rather than GRP and costs from £899. Darren reckons that a DIY-build can be completed from around £4500.

More information from www.2cvshop.co.uk or 01985 841 327 ENDS.