Cambridge Motorsport Parts is now appointed agents for Ravenol racing oil from Germany.

The range includes various engine oils ranging from the semi-synthetic RFS 15w50 for classics such as MGB and Austin Healeys to the fully synthetic RSE 10w50 and RSS 10w60.

Cambridge Motorsport now agents for Ravenol oil

Despite being a range of ‘racing’ oils there are also some longlife fully synthetic oils that would be more beneficial for modified street or classic use than in racing (where the oil is routinely changed after each race).

These include the 5w30 HLS, which is approved and recommended by BMW, Mercedes Benz, Vauxhall, Saab and VAG and the VDL 5w 40 for diesels, approved by BMW, Porsche (for the Cayenne and Panamera diesels), Audi, Toyota and GM and is especially recommended for common rail diesels.

The range also includes transmission oils such as the 75w90 Synthetic Multigrade gear oil and the 75w-140 Limited Slip oil for LSD differentials and dog boxes.
Obviously prices vary according to product but as a general rule they are slightly lower than other major brands. For more details telephone 01462 684 300 or visit ENDS.