Mini Spares has a cracking new product that is sure to appeal to owners of Classic Mini and/or cars powered by the A-Series engine. It’s called the 123\TUNE programmable Electronic Distributor opens up a whole new way of tuning your engine.

By connecting it to a computer, the end-user can easily adapt the 123\TUNE to fulfil even the most demanding requirements, while the unit offers two sets of curves that can be selected by connecting the 123\TUNE to a 12-volt feed.

The 123\TUNE software can be downloaded to the connected computer and the distributor will then power an electronic ‘dashboard’ with temperature gauge, manifold pressure, rev- counter, spark-energy gauge, and total-advance gauge. Order as C-27H7774 for Pre A+ Order as C-27H7775 for A+ although both retail at £360 inc VAT.

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or visit their website at ENDS.