Is your garage full of discarded household items? Or perhaps you have no garage at all, meaning your prized kit or classic car has to fight the elements outside.

For anyone who has to park their car outside, a cover is one solution, but for some it may not be ideal. In which case, Hamilton Classic’s latest product, the AutoPod, is the answer. The MkII version is improved and stronger than the original with new features, fabrics and design.

AutoPod is a fully-enclosed outdoor shelter made of a lightweight fabric that is both weather and UV resistant. The new twin layers form a vapour barrier helping to repel any moisture keeping the car dry and clean.

It has a tough PVC floor that will not absorb vehicle fluids and stops ground moisture seeping through. This is tough enough to be placed on concrete or grass etc. There is also an optional fan/air circulation kit with three 12v fans to circulate the air keeping the car dry at all times and free from condensation.

The steel pole frame is simple and straightforward to construct, and with its supporting guy-lines will withstand all but the most extreme weather. A large zipped entrance door provides vehicle access.

The AutoPod outer dimensions are 6.5m x 3.3m with an inner canopy of 5.25m x2.9m so is suitable for even the largest cars, costs are £595 for the standard unit and £645 including the fan ventilation system. Full delivery and other details are available on 0118 973 7300 or via ENDS.