Professional-quality automotive tool specialist, Mac Tools, has added a ¼in ratchet screwdriver to its range. An incredibly useful tool, the SBDR8 can be used in place of a set of standard screwdrivers and in many cases is easier to use.

The three-position, 45-tooth ratchet mechanism means that users no longer need to constantly stop and adjust their grip position when tightening or undoing fasteners. This is generally the case with traditional screwdrivers and is especially common when working in confined spaces. With the SBDR8, the process is made faster and smoother while reducing strain on the wrists.

Mac Tools’ new ratchet screwdriver features a quad-lobular handle, meaning that it has a four-sided profile which fits easily in the hand, regardless of the orientation when gripped. The profile allows more torque to be applied than a three-sided handle and reduces the possibility of slippage. Maximal comfort is provided by a 360° textured soft-grip surface, which has outstanding grip properties while an extended thumb rest provides additional comfort and control.

For convenience, a removable cap is incorporated into the handle and features a moulded bit holder. An additional feature is a knurled section which allows the shaft to be turned with the fingertips when starting screws.

The SBDR8 comes with a lifetime warranty and list price is £44.93 plus VAT.

Mark Hallum, UK marketing manager for Mac Tools, said: “At Mac Tools we are constantly exploring ways of improving existing tools. The new ratchet screwdriver is a prime example. By asking our customers about issues they had with existing models on the market, we were able to come up with a new design that improves on safety and comfort with the added benefit of increased performance.”

Mac Tools products are available from all regional Mac Tools mobile distributors. To find out more, visit ENDS.