Superb Vectis is the latest model from Sylva Autokits and makes innovative use of the humble MGF as donor vehicle

Latest model from the gifted and creative mind of Jeremy Phillips of Sylva Autokits is the Vectis, a car that he (as normal) overly modestly describes as a development of the existing J15 although, of course it is so much more than that.

After a dalliance with numerical nomenclature for his new Sylvas, the new one (it would be J17 if that system were still followed, incidentally) Jeremy has returned to names and the Vectis, the name given by Pliny the Elder to the Isle of Wight, is based on a heavily modified J15 chassis that has been completely re-engineered to accept donor components from the MGF.

This means that as a result DIY build costs are reduced considerably as the Vectis uses the complete rear suspension and subframe assembly from the MGF (although does use Sylva’s own components at the front) and a result Jeremy reckons that a customer-built car can be completed from around £6000, which given the pedigree of the creator is a complete snip.

More information from or 07788 468 232 ENDS.