A torch is a glove box essential, especially for a break down at night. Having that source of light will provide security and peace of mind when stranded on the side of the motorway.

However, batteries have a shelf life and are affected by cold. Having a torch in the glove box is a great precaution, but only when it works.

To ensure you not only have a light source in the car, but one that works when you need it, Ring has launched the Rechargeable Car Torch.

The torch simply plugs it into the car’s 12v socket. This provides the power to charge the torch ensuring that you have light whenever you need it. Being no bigger than 6cm in length it can easily be stored in the glove box without taking up too much space.

When plugged into the 12v Socket to recharge it can be used as an additional interior light. With a suggested retail price of £5.99 it presents excellent value for a torch that will always be ready to use.

Part number RRCT01 retails at £5.99 with more information from www.ringautomotive.co.uk ENDS.