Sneak view of the new Ribble Colani prior to it going off to the paintshop

Leyland-based, Ribble Kits & Classics has been busy over the winter creating a homage to one of the world’s first best-selling kitcars, the Colani GT, introduced in 1960 and created by Luigi Colani, a man of many talents (he’s also designed furniture, ballpoint pens and kitchen, as well as working at various times for BMW, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Volkswagen), of which around 1700 were sold.

Ribble boss, Andy Powell, has based his replica on the Volkswagen Beetle with the kit priced at £3400 with options available such as coloured gelcoat (£150 extra), Perspex® screen (£60) and un-trimmed GRP seats with runners (£150).

The new car is a replica of the Colani GT of 1960 of which some 1700 were sold in Europe

Turnkey cars are available from £12,000. More information from or 01772 621 585 ENDS.