Jenvey has just announced their new thro-le body conversion kit for the 2.5 litre Duratec engine.

The kit contains everything required to convert the engine to twin ‘DCOE’ style and includes a pair of lightweight twin choke throttle bodies pre-mounted on a Jenvey EFi manifold and a fuel rail also supplied fitted in place.

Four Jenvey aluminium 90mm long air horns and mounting bolts are also included in the kit.

Jenvey parts are engineered for Motorsport, offering excellent performance, reliability, lightness and value. The manifold also offers a significant improvement over the standard intake system that is heavily restricted.

This kit is ideal for road, track or rally use. It will fit many kit and rally cars in addition to the models that use the 2.5-litre Duratec engine and delivers more power (around 200+ bhp) improved drivability and better response.

Price for the full kit (CKFD08) is £926.40 inc VAT, while the manifold (MF16) may also be purchased on its own at £207.60 inc VAT.

For more details visit or call 01746 768 810 ENDS.