Want to add heat and sound proofing to your car without adding a massive extra weight? Boom Mat’s Under Carpet Lite (UC Lite) could be just what you’re looking for.

It’s a lightweight thermal insulation and a superior sound absorber for hard-to-cover areas like door liners, rear parcel shelves, headliners and more.

The multilayer composite material is said to offer un-matched thermal and acoustic protection in an extremely flexible lightweight material. In controlled tests, it has been proven to insulate up to 85 per cent of un-wanted heat.

Under Carpet Lite is manufactured with four layers of high tech composite material – three layers of thermal and acoustic insulating material with a base noise decoupling material.

Less heat or cold is transferred for year-round cabin comfort and the sound deadener prevents the transfer of noise, bothersome rattles and squeaks, for a claimed ‘new car’ driving experience.

UC Lite is so flexible and lightweight and only ½in thick. It can be installed under carpet, transmission tunnels, behind headliners, inner wheel wells, rear quarter panels, boot floors, kick panels, firewalls…

UC Lite is now available in four sizes: 24in X 54in (9 sq. ft.), 48in X 54in (18 sq. ft.), 54in x 72in (27 sq. ft.) and per linear foot from a 54in wide roll. Part numbers are respectively: 050110, 050111, 050113 and 050112.
Order at www.designengineering.com or via www.nimbusmotorsport.com or 01377 236 175 ENDS.