External or male Torx fasteners (E Torx) are in common use on vehicles today. The six-pointed star-type bolts offer a superior fit and grip when compared with regular fasteners and greatly reduce the risk of stripping the head during use.

Strong demand from its customers has prompted Facom to develop the 464TX range of E Torx ratcheting wrenches, now available for the very first time.

The new ratcheting wrenches offer a considerable advantage over conventional wrenches and ratchet/socket combinations. The low profile head and thin shaft are ideal for use in restricted access areas and jobs can be completed quickly because the wrench can be left on the fastener and turned in extremely small increments – five degrees in the case of the brand’s latest offerings.

Four models are available, covering the most popular E Torx sizes: E6 x E8, E10 x E12, E14 x E18 and E20 x E24. Two sets are also offered: the 464TX.J3PB, which contains the first three of the aforementioned wrenches, and the 464TX.J4PB that is identical but also includes the addition of the E20 x E24 wrench.

Alison Howard, Marketing Manager for Facom says, “There are very few tool companies producing Torx ratcheting wrenches. Given the number of requests we receive for them, we are anticipating that this new range is going to prove extremely popular, especially with professionals who demand the exceptional quality and reliability offered by the Facom brand.”

For further information on Facom or to find your local stockist visit www.facom.com ENDS.