Exciting new model from Sylva Autokits is the J15M, effectively a heavily revised J15 chassis re-engineered to accept MGF components.

This innovative development makes use of the affordable MGF, which makes great sense for kitcar use as everything is in place on the donor, especially as the Rover two-seater is now so affordable and any known iffy spots such as front sub-frame won’t be needed for the J15M build.

Although fundamentally a good car, the MGF was always felt to be too heavy lacking a bit of dynamic appeal, when compared to such as the MX-5 and MR2, but remove the parts you need, stick onto the J15M and you have a great package.

Sure the K-series gets lots of stick for popping head gaskets but most will have been rectified by now and when in rude health the engine is a free-revving little buzz-box that gives lively performance. Incidentally, and a little piece of useless automotive trivia for you. Vortex Automotive boss, Chris Greville Smith designed the distinctive MGF wheels when he was at MG Rover.

New Sylva J15M and alongside its donor vehicle, the MGF

Sylva use the rear sub-frame and suspension, plus engine and gearbox plus all ancillaries used as they come, as are the drive-shafts, hubs (front and rear) brakes, gear linkage, handbrake and cables, radiator, fan and hoses, fuel pump, ECU, switch-gear and fuse boxes along with many sundry parts. Eventually a full screen will be offered as will a hood making it a little more usable.

The kit itself retails at considerably less than the existing J15 because there is no need for bespoke rear suspension, or front and rear uprights, so a realistic complete on the road DIY price could be as little as £6000, which for a full bodied kitcar is exceptional value.

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