Facom, Europe’s leading hand tool manufacturer, is extending its range of 181A multi-grip pliers.

The 181A standard and long-nose multi-grip pliers have a reduced slip joint width which not only gives technicians better accessibility to hard-to-reach parts but also provides the pliers with greater strength and resistance to flexing. They have been reduced in weight by almost 10 per cent compared to previous models, greatly reducing user fatigue.

The pliers are fitted with a pivot pin that allows technicians to adjust handle travel to suit the size of their hand easily and quickly. This means that more force can be applied with less effort. The pivot pin is designed in a way that allows the user to double the number of positions, making for more accurate adjustment and gripping.

The ergonomic handles of the new pliers provide improved grip and performance with a narrow close position giving much improved leverage during tightening.

The jaws are fitted with self-gripping teeth for pipes and are designed to grip nuts without causing damage.

Ali Howard, UK Marketing Manager for Facom, says: “Facom’s range of multi-grip pliers was designed with user efficiency in mind. All the different features – reduced width and weight, the handle and jaw design – will make technicians’ lives a lot easier and will improve their productivity at work.”

The range extension includes 181A.18CPE 180mm multigrip pliers, 181A.25CPE 250mm multigrip pliers, 181EF.25CPE 250mm with a long reach head with a chromed finish and bi-material ergonomic grips and 181A.18G 180mm multigrip pliers, 181A.25G 250mm multigrip pliers, 181A.30G 300mm multigrip pliers and 181EF.25G 250mm with a long reach head with a varnish finish and ergonomic grips.

For more information about Facom’s product range, please go to www.facom.com ENDS.