Mini Spares is now the only company still distributing genuine Minilite wheels in 10in and 12in sizes and are part owners of the brand name.

The original Tech Del Minilites were made famous by the Special Tuning Works Department and over the years Minilites have been hailed as one of the great products of the British classic car industry, finding their way onto classic and sportscars of almost every make. Originally they were were made out of lightweight magnesium alloy, hence name Minilite, however they later changed to the aluminium alloy that is still used today.

Their timeless appeal and the fact that they are probably the easiest wheels on the market to clean and care for have made them a worldwide (and often imitated) brand.

The 10in and 12in Minilites are suitable for all classic Minis plus kitcars, other classic marques and even small trailers. Mini Spares currently has Minilite wheels on special offer with prices starting at £81.90 inc VAT and can supply them in a number of sizes, offsets and in a choice of colours. They can also supply the tyres to suit.

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.