Dodo Juice has just launched Total Wipe Out, a brand new all-purpose cleaner that joins the all-new 1-litre Pro Pack range, allowing professional detailers and multi-car families to stock up on the world’s finest car care products cost effectively.

Total Wipe Out is a colourless liquid that’s suitable for removing stains on carpets, cleaning wheel arches or degreasing engine bays. It is, in essence, a heavy-duty shampoo with some added solvent to help shift grime and grease with the minimum of fuss.

Applied by snow foam lance as a pre-wash, used neat for deep stains, or as a dilute mix ranging from 1:10 to 1:100 for general cleaning duties, Total Wipe Out is a versatile performer. It is available in a ‘ready-to-go’ 500ml sprayer, or it can be purchased in concentrate form (500ml/1-litre) to make 5- or 10-litres of product respectively. That means it could cost as little as £2.40 per litre diluted… a price that should entice professional valeters and detailers, especially as it is far more effective than wasting time and money using cheaper (but weaker) products.

Extending the new Pro Pack range is the 1-litre Basics of Bling Detailing Spray refill, a concentrate that makes 10-litres of Dodo Juice’s popular quick detailer. That works out at just £2.70 per litre when diluted, instead of the usual £7.95 for a mere 500ml!

Finally, Sour Power and Born To Be Mild shampoos will be joining the Pro Pack line-up, alongside three all-conquering detailers’ favourites, Lime Prime polish, Born Slippy clay lube (concentrate) and Clearly Menthol glass cleaner (concentrate).

Larger packs have been requested by Dodo Juice’s customers for years, and now they have finally arrived: “We’re  proud to support our loyal fan base by bringing them the same great specialist products at ‘high street’ prices,” explained Dom Colbeck of Dodo Juice. “We also want to increase our appeal to the professional car cleaning trade. Don’t buy gallons of a watered-down trade product when one of our concentrated litre bottles will do the same job, or do it better, for the same money in real terms. The Dodo isn’t just for rich punters, it’s now suitable for the trade as well.”

Prices range from £19.95 to £32.95 with more information from ENDS.