Boom Mat™ has been the leading thermal and sound proofing material, for many years, but now the company has released Boom Mat Floor & Tunnel Shield II, which is uniquely designed to minimise noise and reflect heat from any direct or radiant source.

It is manufactured with a reflective dimpled aluminium facing that is bonded to a 5mm layer of composite glass insulation. Boom Mat’s Floor and Tunnel Shield II protects heat from ever entering the vehicle, unlike metal shielding and other competitive products.

This added layer of protection can ensure your components are working at maximum capacity not to mention the benefit of improved cabin comfort. Proven to work effectively up to 955°C of direct continuous heat, this is a cost-effective way to control potentially damaging heat, reduce unwanted noise, and improve driver comfort.

Backed with a high bond adhesive liner this product can be easily trimmed and pressed onto any automotive, marine or commercial application where direct or radiant heat is present such as: fuel and gas tanks, fuel cells, exhaust or transmission tunnels, firewalls, floorboards or engine side panels.

In addition to its high quality thermal control properties, this product effectively doubles as an insulator to work as a sound barrier. There is a noticeable difference in passenger compartment comfort with less unwanted noise and heat. It is easy to form and shape into multiple contours, and with a minimum clearance of 5mm it offers a range of potential uses.

Floor and Tunnel Shield II is available in three sizes: 2ft x 21in (3½sq/ft), 4ft x 21in (7sq/ft) and 4ft x 42in (14sq/ft).

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