Italian brake company Tarox has released a beautifully-engineered bespoke braking kit to enhance the stopping performance of all Mk2 Lotus Elise models and their associated derivatives, like the Exige.

The kit has been designed and manufactured in Tarox’s state-of-the-art Italian factory and has been created from a ‘clean sheet’ brief to allow the firm’s engineers to develop the balance of enhanced dynamics with superb aesthetics. Based around a 310mm billet-machined disc and aluminium bell combination.

That pursuit of light weight has also clearly been at the forefront during the construction of the kit, too. Despite being considerably larger than the OEM set-up it replaces, the new Tarox kit carries considerably less mass. For example, the calipers themselves weigh 1.3kg less EACH, and the entire rotor assembly is only marginally heavier than the smaller factory part, making a net reduction of almost a kilo overall.

As an original equipment supplier to many leading manufacturers, Tarox has applied these quality standards to this aftermarket kit, meaning that this Lotus upgrade carries a dedicated German Teilegutachte certification – making it fully road-legal in even tightly-legislated countries like Germany and Austria. This hard-to achieve industry standard also ensures acceptance in virtually all EC countries.

Drivers looking to create the ultimate set-up can also opt for a Tarox 280 six-pot caliper for the rear, complete with matching two-piece 288mm discs. Tarox claim that this set-up out-performs the original, but retains the stock handbrake mechanism and caliper for full legality and safety.

In the UK the front kit is £1678.80 inc VAT while the rear is £1258.80 inc VAT.

For more details, please click to or call 01706 222 872 ENDS.