Viper Performance has just introduced a new service. They will now make bespoke stainless steel braided hydraulic lines to exact customer specifications.

The lines use the best quality stainless steel fittings as standard, not as a high price optional extra. The stainless steel braiding is encapsulated in a thick PVC cover which is available in a number of colours.

Stainless Steel brake hoses will not swell like rubber hoses and will improve pedal feel, and are extremely reliable lasting up to the lifetime of the vehicle.

Ordering is simple –

1. Specify the length

2. Specify the end fitting for each end

3. Select the colour for the PVC protective cover

4. Select optional brackets if required.

Each stage is priced so you can see what each item costs and hoses will be made and pressure-tested within 72-hours of placing your order. Price according to specification chosen.

Order from Viper on 0845 095 3423 (09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri) or via ENDS.