Mid-level, professional-quality tool kit range gets a revamp with modular-style storage.

Britool Expert, the leading mid-price-point tool manufacturer, has re-designed its range of roller-cabinet-based tool kits to incorporate a system intended to keep tools secure and tidy during storage.

The upgraded range of tool kits maximises the use of modular tool-packaging which fits snugly in the drawers of the roller-cabinet. On average, three modules can be placed in each drawer, and, with spaces moulded for each tool, finding the right one for the job in hand is made quick and easy.

Paul Woolley, UK Marketing Manager for Britool Expert believes that this new offering will very much appeal to professionals: “In a busy workshop, the professional mechanic can’t afford to waste time sifting through drawers full of loose tools to find the appropriate one for the job. With our new modular system, all tools have a specific space within the drawer and can be reliably located and replaced time after time.”

Also available as stand-alone products, Britool Expert’s new tool modules offer a convenient storage alternative to traditional types, which, once removed from delivery packaging, often allow the contents to become loose and disorganised. Britool Expert’s tool modules can be placed on any flat surface or existing workstation to provide safe and reliable storage.

Four new kit sizes are available, all of which include roller-cabinets with prices starting at £1069.74 inc VAT.

To find out more, visit www.britool-expert.co.uk ENDS.