The latest wheel from leading tuning house Dotz is the ‘Fast Fifteen’ boasts the latest casting and finishing technology in an innovative and modern design.

The design brief was to create a wheel that would look at home on a wide and diverse range of machinery. The result is a wheel with sharp lines that balances sporty looks with class and elegance.

As the name suggests, 15 carefully sculpted slim spokes radiate out in an asymmetric pattern to give the wheel a modern twist on the popular multispoke format. Available in a wide range of colours, diameters and widths, the wheel also sports a concave ‘dish’ on wider fitments that adds an aggressive stance to any vehicle.

Closer inspection reveals an uncompromising silhouette, with a polished under-cut and innovative inlay, both of which are very much ‘on trend’ at the moment. Between each of the five mounting holes is a smaller machined detail with contrasting finish. Indeed, on each different colourway, the wheel face itself contrasts starkly with the undercut detailing and inner surfaces for a startling, modern look. The wheel is available in traditional Premium Silver and Black & Polished; as well as eye-popping Anodised Red and Anodised Green!

8x17in, 8x18in, 8x19in, 8½x19in, 9½x19in, 8½x20in and 9½x20in are available in most popular five-stud fitments and as with many Dotz designs, the centre caps can be customised to suit the owner’s tastes or colourscheme. Prices and fitment information available on the new and improved Wheelwright website at ENDS.