The Ford Rocket gearbox is one of the core motorsport and kitcar transmissions and is still very popular.

Straight cut close ratio kits and ‘boxes are available in a range of ratios for whatever your needs from 3J Driveline and their main shaft gears are designed with unique oil pockets on the face and scroll running throughout the bore to increase oil flow. Add this to the fact all main shaft gears having a performance coating that aids oil absorption.

All 3J Rocket gear kits come with gaskets, main shaft and input shaft bearings and front and rear oil seals and the ‘box is assembled using a donor box supplied by the customer. Added to aid performance and durability are an alloy lid, performance one-piece solid selector finger and the gear kits retail at £762 inc VAT with the complete gearbox at £1170 inc VAT plus customer’s donor ‘box.

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