Philips’ battery powered penlight inspection lamp delivers 250 lux, is shock, dust and waterproof to agreed standards. It has a hook for hanging and angling the light, something that is made necessary because, crucially, it delivers the lighting performance of bigger and more expensive inspection lights. With a separate LED at the top of the unit, it can also be used as a torch. It comes with the necessary AAA batteries included, which should power it for up to 11 hours.

Despite setting new standards for performance and quality in its class, this mini marvel is extremely competitively priced with an SRP of £21.99 and is an ideal stocking filler!

From the outset, the benefits of Philips Penlight’s compact design and powerful performance were evident to customers in the automotive workplace – for which Philips designed it – but it quickly became obvious that it was suited to many other professions and leisure or domestic uses, as well.

Philips has now combined the basic Penlight concept with some of the key features of larger inspection lights to produce the Penlight Premium.

The Penlight Premium offers a 260 lux output on its wide beam, while the torch beam at the top now benefits from one of the award winning Luxeon Rebel LEDs to produce a concentrated 3600 lux output. It has a wide beam for optimum general vision and the power to see deeper for an inspection viewing.

As the LEDs have a warmer colour temperature, the Penlight Premium lends itself to anything from quick inspections but to prolonged lighting periods in larger areas – and could, for instance be used for camping, or even emergency domestic lighting.

The housing has now been uprated from plastic to metal, and it has a comfortable soft rubber handgrip. The rotating clip features a magnet that allows it to be positioned, for example, on the underside of a car bonnet for hands-free use. It also allows the beam to be moved without having to move the light itself.

The Penlight Premium is fully rechargeable, either by mains, from a 12V car charger, or through a USB port. Recharging is rapid – only two hours are needed for a full charge and the Premium has a built-in charging indicator, so that progress is easily monitorable.

The Penlight Premium is water, dirt and shock resistant and comes complete with its own tough carrying case that contains the charging accessories and has an SRP of: £79.99.

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