Facom has launched a new multifunctional cable stripper (872271) for round PVC cables with a diameter of 4mm to 28mm. The new tool is a must for quick, easy and safe cable stripping.

The unique spring-loaded trigger system and self-pivoting blade on Facom’s cable stripper reduce the effort needed to strip cables and wires by 30 per cent. Using their thumb, technicians open the mechanism, insert the cable into the opening and release the trigger, which grips the cable in place. Depth of the cut can be set using the convenient wheel-adjuster and the tool is then simply rotated around the cable at the push of just one finger. The process is smooth, with no need to readjust the blade position.

The cable stripper is also fitted with a switchblade, which can be used for stripping wires or cutting them altogether. Always mindful of safety, Facom has fitted its new tool with a locking mechanism making it impossible to use the trigger while the switchblade is out.

Alison Howard, UK Marketing Manager for Facom, says: “This innovative cable stripper was designed to reduce the time and effort required to execute a fairly routine operation for many technicians across a wide variety of industries. The tool is fitted with a double safety feature – the switchblade system and the locking mechanism – making it extremely safe and easy to use.”
For further information on Facom or to find your local stockist visit www.facom.com ENDS.