Changing brake pads remains one of the most frequent operations performed during the life of a vehicle. As the pads wear down, caliper pistons remain extended and a tool is required to push them back in order to install new pads. Current tools on the market traditionally only work on one type of caliper.

To remedy this, Facom launches the DF.23 brake pad spreader, a single powerful tool suited for use with both fixed and floating calipers, meaning it can be used on sports and high performance cars. The clever design of the DF.23 prevents damage to pistons, hubs and calipers and ensures parallel piston retraction.

The DF.23 has been designed for efficiency in a busy workshop. The steel plates that engage the pistons can swivel 180 degrees making it easy for both left and right side use. The brake pad spreader can generate over 1600 lb/ft of force to retract rusted or corroded pistons, while the single lever mechanism used to apply and to release force makes the whole operation easier and allows for faster service.

Alison Howard, UK Marketing Manager for Facom, says: “Our new brake pad spreader is a highly efficient tool, which will save mechanics a lot of time. As the DF.23 is suitable for both fixed and floating calipers, technicians will only need the one tool. The swivelling plates and the single lever mechanism will make the routine operation of changing brake pads a really simple and fast one.”

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