America’s race to the moon and the development of manned space capsules created a massive challenge. Vehicles would be subjected to more punishment than any other mode of transportation in history. From the intense cold and ultraviolet radiation of space to the heat of re-entry and the expected corrosion caused after a saltwater splashdown, these vehicles had to withstand extremes never before experienced.

Nyalic®, a unique formulation, was developed using nylonic and several other polymeric resins. Used by the Apollo Space Programme inside the Apollo command module and on the Lunar Rover, it was a very durable yet flexible coating that withstood UV rays, prevented corrosion and oxidation and performed at a film thickness as low as three microns. Today, the original, successful formula has been further improved and diligently modified to meet stringent VOC requirements and can be used to protect your vehicle against acid rain, road spray, corrosive chemicals, farm fertilizers, salt-laden sea air, brake dust, staining and other day-to-day contaminants.

As well as protection against corrosion, it will restore the factory finish of faded plastics and paint , prevent tarnish of and finger-printing on coloured and bare metals, keep new and refurbished wheels looking like new and seal mechanical and electrical connections to prevent failures due to corrosion and moisture.

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