In these days of tight budgets it makes sense to only buy enough materials for the job in hand and now you can buy a DEI Pipe Wrap kit that contains one roll of 2in x 25ft of thermal Pipe Wrap and four 8in stainless steel locking ties to minimise waste.

This kit should be ample for spot-wrapping header tubes to protect plug boots, protecting wires and vital engine components; to wrap sections of exhaust, crossovers and tail pipes to reduce heat transfer for improved cabin comfort; and to wrap turbo downpipes.

The kit is also ideal for motorcycle pipes to protect clothing, boots, and exposed skin from serious burns. The locking ties provided are designed for pipes up to 2in in diameter; however for larger diameter pipes two locking ties can be joined.

DEI’s Pipe Wrap is available in: black, original tan, ‘titanium look’ or a brand new, and very cool, ‘carbon fibre’ look.

UK distributor, Nimbus Motorsport, has the wrap kit in stock now at £181.73 inc VAT with the motorcycle kit at £84.56 inc VAT with more details available from 01377 236 170 or ENDS.