As dedicated track tools go, not many cars have the ‘fitness for purpose’ that the KTM XBOW has. Designed from the outset to be a track-focussed weapon, you might think that it has all the bases covered – but, like any production car, there are still many areas for improvement. A point perfectly proven by Forge Motorsport’s hand-finished charge-cooler kit for the bonkers Austrian machine.

Upgrade part from Forge Motorsport for KTM X-BOW

Although the standard part copes on an un-stressed, un-modified car, it has been known to fail if the engine is tuned, or driven hard for a prolonged period of time. The Forge ‘cooler improves on the factory’s plastic-capped design by being made entirely out of aerospace grade aluminium, as well as featuring a core some 25 per cent larger than the original. Factor in optimised internal flow-dynamics and peerless build quality and this upgrade makes quiet a case for itself.

During independent road testing the unit repeatedly recorded a reduction in intake temperatures of at least 10 degrees over the original part, with much greater differences recorded during track or competition use. These lower charge temperatures not only liberate a great deal more performance from the KTM’s Audi powerplant, but also help reduce strain and wear on the engine, increasing its longevity.

Despite its increased size, the Forge uprated charge-cooler fits quickly and easily in the factory position, using all original fixings and mount points as well as taking all original hoses and clips. Priced at £1074 inc VAT, it’s a performance essential for any hard-driven KTM.

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