Tribute Automotive was at Exeter show last weekend with their new model the A352, a pastiche of the Jaguar D-type, a body conversion based on the Triumph Spitfire and thus IVA-exempt.

In case you were wondering, the name has no mystical meaning or Jaguar connection. It’s the main A-road, the A352, where Tribute’s workshop is located in Dorset. Similarly, the kit price of £1954 commemorates the year that the D-type was launched! I really do like Tribute boss, Chris Welch’s style…

There’s a bit of cosmetic adjustment required on the Spitfire although nothing structural and the new GRP panels simply bond to the chassis. Expect to pay around £700 for a serviceable donor, £700 for sundry items and whatever the paint costs, which all means that a Tribute A352 can be completed for sub-£5000.

For the record, the Michelotti-designed Triumph Spitfire, now fifty years old, was available in Mk1 (1962-64), Mk2 (1964-67), Mk3 (1967-70), Mk4 (1970-74) and 1500 (1974-80) guises with engines of 1147cc, 1296cc and 1493cc strengths and a grand total of 314,332 produced.

The company is working on a separate GRP tub and is also developing a version to suit the GT6 and its straight six engine in addition to fins and head fairings.

More information from or 07901 544 241 ENDS.