Vortex V2 now IVA-compliant

Progress continues apace on Vortex Automotive’s V2 model with the latest news concerning the prototype passing IVA.

The car’s main features are a mid-engine/intercooler/radiator layout fed by a large full width duct underneath the car, a central longitudinal fuel tank, keen aerodynamics for high downforce and low drag, with power coming from Ford Duratec or the sensational, new 280bhp Ecoboost turbocharged engine.

The chassis has the engine mounted transversely, with conventional front wishbones and a de Dion rear axle located by a Watts pivot and links. Vortex’s own front uprights are cast LM25 aluminium with the curved side tubes giving exceptional cockpit width.

Innovations, apart from the cooling, are a high-nose to direct cooling air under the car, a raked rollover bar to put the protection close above the driver’s head, twin cockpit openings, integrated headrests and front aerofoils and a gear selector mounted directly on top of the fuel tank.

Production refinements will include a lighter chassis that is 65mm narrower without loss of elbow room and a full 40mm lower than the prototype shown at Stoneleigh earlier this year.

Trackday options include trim tabs for the front aerofoils, a rear wing positioned in clean air, individual triangulated rollover bars, lower ride height and stiffer springs. Other trackday options include an air inlet in the ‘passenger’ head fairing, race harness anchors and a six speed gearbox.

More information from www.vortex-auto.com or 01926 857 200 ENDS.