Here’s a great product that will definitely be of use to our readers, given the amount of kit and specialist cars to be found enjoying trackdays up and down the land every day of the week. Oh, and the fact that noise is becoming an ever-increasing problem at racing circuits. Have you been to Castle Combe or Donington on a restricted day and been left disappointed because your car won’t pass noise tests?

Decibel Devil is a new and innovative product, which is the perfect solution for reducing noise levels should your competition or trackday vehicle unexpectedly fail a circuit noise test.

Simply put, it is a noise reducer, which simply clamps to your car’s existing tailpipe in a matter of minutes and the maker’s claim that depending on the application it can reduce (on average) up to 5-decibels, which could easily make the difference of doing the trackday or going home.

Decible Devil is available in four different tailpipe sizes ranging from diameters of 2in to 5in and costs £69.98 and is available NOW from or 01829 238 268 ENDS.