New company Kit2Kar will happily powdercoat one-off and small jobs for you

A new company making their kitcar show debut at Exeter last weekend was Kit2Kar who are offering a very innovative powdercoating service to enthusiasts.

There’s nothing unusual in that, of course, in recent years powdercoating has become very popular giving a superb finish to larger metal components such as chassis and/or wishbones, although where Kit2Kar differ is that they will happily coat one-off or small parts for you, the sort of items that the bigger companies won’t want to do unless batch sizes are in three figures.

Therefore, if you fancy having your bonnet hinges or brackets powdercoated, now you can and the company can turn your job around within seven days and all they ask is that before you ship your pieces to them they are disassembled, free from dirt and grease and all fasteners are removed.

Their prices are remarkably competitive (examples include a small bracket from £5 each; brake caliper from £20 and handbrake lever from £8) and prices include shot blasting to clean the surface, powdercoating and masking areas not to be coated such as threads etc.

Kit2Kar can also machine parts competitively for you from drawings and quote on an individual basis.

Sounds promising to us.

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