You’ve possibly noticed how your engine runs better on a cool evening than it does on a hot day. That’s because the air in the intake charge is cooler and denser and introduces more oxygen into the engine for an efficient and more complete burn.

This in turn makes the performance livelier and increases horsepower.

Traditionally tuners used a cold air intake to draw air from outside the warm engine bay… now DEI has come up with a new way to improve on this by using liquid carbon dioxide to physically cool the intake down as well.

A patented aerodynamic bulb containing a cryogenic chamber is mounted in a short metal air

tube. This is connected to the air intake pipe using the silicone coupler provided and the system’s braided hoses are connected to a CryO² liquid carbon dioxide system. The extreme cooling properties of liquid CO² in the bulb, reduces the surrounding air intake temperature up to 50°F (10°C).

By greatly lowering the intake charge temperature the system will improve the performance of any street or race vehicle.

DEI’s CryO²™ 4 Inch Air Intake comes with silicone coupler, hose clamps, vent cap and braided line. Multiple units can be combined for improved results. DEI’s CryO² Air Intake works with any naturally-aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged application and can also be added to any existing nitrous oxide or CryO² system.

A full range of air intakes are available from DEI in various sizes from 2½in to 4½in O.D, with the latter ideal for high power N/A and diesel applications.

The CryO² 4 Inch Air Intake is available from DEI UK distributor, Nimbus Motorsport on 01377 236 170 or with part number 080112 at £231.98 inc VAT (NOTE: A CryO² installation kit and a CO² tank will also be required) ENDS.