Travelling around visiting kitcar manufacturers there’s certain products you see being used on their cars whether it be a particular engine finding favour, a donor vehicle such as the MX-5 gaining in popularity or even a particular type of oil frequently being used.

When it comes to gauges and instruments there are two particular types of product that I really do see all the time of late. One is the Vapor units the other is the wonderful Koso stuff sold by Jon Pullara sold under the Digital Speedos banner.

The Koso products come in a wide range of styles in compact and stylish packaging, ideal where space considerations are often an issue, and denoting their motorcycle-derived origins.

We used a Koso unit on our GTM Spyder and were really impressed by their quality in action, plus they always prompted positive comments from passengers. What’s even better is the very competitive prices on offer.

If you need to upgrade your dash or just generally looking for a stylish, yet effective instrument solution for your project, visit or find them at the other end of 0121 745 9555 ENDS.