Latest sexy design from MEV is the MEVSTER

That man Stuart Mills, boss of Mills Extreme Vehicles and recipient of the inaugural tkc mag/totalkitcar SPECIAL AWARD is proving to be very prolific with his new designs just like some of the industry’s past greats.

His newly announced model is the MEVSTER and is a completely new product sharing nothing with other MEV’s such as the Exocet apart from Mazda MX-5, which supplies pretty much everything you need outside of the kit to build a MEVSTER.

MEV’s USP of easy, quick and low-cost builds is upheld with the new model, then.

All-new design shares only Mazda MX-5 donor parts with its siblings

MEVSTER chassis is a whole new set -up using square and round tube of varying sizes creating a stiff chassis that weighs only 53kg. The ‘M’ bar is included but a full MSA spec (blue book) roll cage is available with side impact bars at £895.

The VW windscreen is also included in the comprehensive kit price of £3594 inc VAT and includes all the irritating sundry items such as nuts, bolts, rivets, pipe clips, edge trim that you never have to hand when you need them. It also means that a builder on a budget using the donor wheels etc can achieve a remarkably low £3000 build cost by selling unwanted MX-5 parts to recoup initial cost with a profit possible in most cases, proving again that an MX-5 can be worth more in bits!

The Mazda MX-5 is rapidly becoming a popular donor vehicle for kitcar manufacturers and it’s not hard to see why but Stuart Mills was one of the first to fully highlight the ‘sell-the-parts-you-don’t-need-and-maybe-make-a-profit’ mantra. Indded, many Exocet builders have done just that.

The MEVSTER kit features just a few optional extras; GRP seats at £237.60 inc VAT, roof/rear panels, chassis powdercoating and a lighting set ALL at £384 inc VAT.

In another MEV move this week, the company's US agent has developed a Ford 302 V8-powered Exocet...WOWZER!

One area that tends to frighten would be kitcar builders is the wiring task, but as with MEV Exocet all you have to do with the MEVSTER is plug-in the MX-5 wiring harness to the relevant place. As easy as…

The MEVSTER is practical for a kitcar as it has an ample stowage area in the rear plus space behind the passenger seat and will be available with weather-gear too, so add a heater and wipers and drive it all year round!

The car weighs in at 620kg, which is approximately 30 per cent lighter than the MX-5 donor so expect decent performance although undoubtedly power hungry MEVSTER owners will opt for one of the many tuning kits available for the Mazda that includes superchargers that can take power up towards the 200bhp mark.

The MEVSTER kit is based on MX-5 Mk1, Mk2 and the halfway house VVT-equipped Mk2½ versions.

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