Ring Introduces Tyre Repair Sealant and Emergency Tyre Repair Kit.  According to the AA one of the top ten causes for a vehicle breakdown is a flat or punctured tyre!

While most cars come with a spare wheel, many people do not feel confident or physically able changing a spare wheel. Plus it can be dangerous to change the wheel at the side of a road, especially on a motorway.

Ring has developed an alternative, the Ring Tyre Repair and Ring Emergency Tyre Repair kit.

The 400ml tyre repair sealant aerosol (included in the Emergency Tyre Repair Kit) provides a temporary repair to punctured tyres up to and including 16in tyres. The temporary repair will get a motorist home or to a garage without the need for tools or wheel changes.

In the aerosol canister is a 50/50 mix of a propellant gas and a water based liquid latex. As the gas is forced into the tyre, it provides, depending on the tyre, up to 30-38psi for re-inflation of the tyre. The liquid latex provides a temporary seal to the puncture.

Once the contents of the canister has been completely emptied into the deflated tyre, motorists should drive for 6-12 miles, not exceeding 30mph, to help the liquid latex uniformly coat the inside of the tyre.

At this 6-12 mile point, the tyre pressure should also be checked, it case it needs adjusting. This can of course be done at a petrol forecourt. However, the Ring Emergency Tyre Repair Kit is equipped with a tyre pressure gauge and air compressor for accurate maintenance of the tyre pressure. The pack provides all the necessary equipment needed to be prepared for a flat or punctured tyre.

The Ring Tyre Repair Sealant and Emergency Tyre Repair kit keep motorists motoring.

RTS1 – Tyre Sealant SSP is £7.99

RTK1 – Emergency Tyre Repair Kit SSP is £29.99

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