Mechanics regularly have to cut exhaust pipes to replace some of their parts, like a resonator or a muffler. To save time, they might attempt to cut the pipe while it is still mounted on the car using air powered or electric cutters, both of which carry some serious health and safety risks; the sparks generated near the fuel pipes could generate a fire hazard. Alternatively, they might also attempt to use a hacksaw which would not only be impractical but also could damage the bottom of the car.

Facom, always mindful of health and safety and keen to increase garages productivity by saving them time in day-to-day operations, is launching a practical ratchet exhaust pipe cutter (DE.8PB). This new tool offers a safer option and the ratchet mechanism minimises the effort required in cutting an exhaust pipe still mounted on the vehicle. It guarantees a more precise cut that can be done quickly and in a safe manner.

The ratchet exhaust pipe cutter is 250 mm long and it has an adjustable cutting capacity of 28mm to 67mm. Its design makes it easy and comfortable to use even in narrow spaces and it is suitable for use on most cars on the market.

Alison Howard, UK Marketing Manager for Facom, says: “Our new DE.8PB ratchet exhaust pipe cutter has been designed to make the simple operation of cutting exhaust pipes safer and quicker. It is really easy to use; all you need to do is put it in position, adjust the ratchet to the correct pipe width, pivot the cutter around the pipe and the cut is done.”

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