Scholl Concepts’ PURPLE Interior Shine has been specially formulated to offer optimal care and protection of all smooth surfaces found in car interiors.

Using modern polymer technology, PURPLE lets you clean dusty and faded surfaces on door panels, dashboards, vinyl and smooth leather with ease, while providing optimal protection.

Just spray on PURPLE, rub it in a circular motion using a soft sponge or the Scholl Concepts Black Hand Puck or DuoPad (black side) and let it dry.

The treated surfaces will have a very natural, durable, silky semi-matt finish. Contrary to some other products on the market, PURPLE has an up-to-date and safe formula that does not contain hydrocarbons or silicone oils. It is quick drying and leaves surfaces streak free.

The product is also ideal for the care of artificial and smooth leather. Greasy, slippery and cheap-looking shiny areas are now a thing of the past thanks to Purple Interior Shine!

PURPLE costs £10.85 inc VAT for a 500ml spray bottle. It is available online or by mail order from or via 01780 721 470, and Scholl Concepts stockists nationwide ENDS.