Hot rods and street machines of the sixties and seventies just have to have chrome pancake air filters, without them the image isn’t quite complete, but what if you are running Weber DFA or DFEV carbs?

Well thanks to Webcon, you can now have the ‘right’ style of air filter because the Surrey-based company has introduced a 2½in tall, 9in diameter air filter with the traditional ‘Hot Rod’ styling.

The filter is easy to install and comes complete with a cork gasket and the filter element is a modern fluted item, which can be easily removed by means of the classic three-spoked thumb-nut-on-the-top and is protected by a chrome grille on the outside and a stainless wire mesh on the internal diameter.

A connection for the crankcase breather hose is also provided.

The Webcon ‘Hot Rod’ Air Filter for Weber DFA or DFEV carbs can be ordered as AFB378 and retails at £53.08 inc VAT.

Available from or 01932 787 100 ENDS.