Piper can offer camshafts for a huge range of applications, but once in a while they get requests for something that isn’t in their current line-up.

No matter, Piper can also offer a bespoke camshaft service to produce components to match customers’ needs. This service is ideal for race engine builders, historic and classic restorers and situations where new components and mapping have to be taken into account, such as when adding forced induction.

Piper already has a huge database of profiles and in many cases may already have the answer in their system. Prices start at just £25 for the profile calculation plus the usual cost of the camshaft.

Piper also has a massive database of valve spring applications and again they can help identify the correct type and rate for your particular engine requirements.

If you have a special project in mind or simply can’t find performance camshaft for your vehicle just give the technical department at Piper a call and discuss having your parts made specially to your own specifications.

More information from www.pipercams.co.uk or 01303 245 300 ENDS.