We all know about the parasitic drag that cooling fans place on an engine, which is why most engines now have an electric fan. Australian company, Davies Craig now takes the concept one step further and produces electric-powered water pumps.

The pump is universal and fits most cars by mounting in the bottom radiator hose. For ease of installation, the original water pump is often retained with the impellor removed along with the thermostat.

An electric water pump provides several benefits. It improves cooling control and capacity while giving you more engine power and improved fuel economy.

The pump can be installed to run continuously for maximum cooling for extreme climates or chronically over-heating engines. For the ideal installation, though, it should be used with the optional EWP smart controller for optimum temperature control. The temperature can be pre-set on the controller which will then supply the pump with a suitable voltage to run the pump at the correct flow rate to maintain the set engine temperature. Warm-up time is minimised and correct cooling is maintained even when the engine is idling, i.e. in traffic. The pump can be set to run-on after engine shut down and cavitation is avoided at high revs

Two pumps are available, an 80L/min version at £159.95 inc VAT and a 115L/min model at £229 inc VAT. The optional controller retails at £159. All come with universal fitting kits and are suitable for all water cooled engines up to 5-litres.

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