One of the stars of the September/October 2012 issue of tkc mag is Great British Sportscars and a test of their Zero model, one of the kitcar industry success stories of recent times.

In addition to the standard Ford-based variant, the Nottinghamshire-based operation offers a wide bodied variant and also a ‘Race’ version. New at Donington last weekend was an option designed for Mazda MX-5 and word from the company is that it was extremely well-received.

The Zero MX, is available now and shares the pleasing looks of the standard model but will cost around £500 more with MX-5 Mks 1, 2 and 2½ (there was a facelifted Mk2 ‘inbetweenie’) usable as donors with items such as engine, gearbox, hubs, brakes and driveshafts all pressed into Zero service.

The use of MX-5 has prompted a slight re-design at the rear end of the Zero as the Mazda’s driveshafts are equal length unlike those of the Ford Sierra, so Great British Sportscars technical department led by Richard Hall has created a new arrangement with offset diff and lengthened right driveshaft thus enabling suitable cockpit space.

The ‘MX’ option is available on Zero, Zero wide-body and Zero Race models.

More information from or 01623 860 990 ENDS.