The original Lotus Seven has inspired so many look-alikes that it’s easy to overlook the genuine article.

There are still loads of original Sevens around and GAZ can provide uprated suspension for them. The dampers have integral spring platforms and adjustable bump and rebound rates that can be altered by means of an easily accessible knob on the side of the units.

GAZ can set the dampers up for general road use and they will also be suitable for occasional track slaloms and sprint use, or they can be set up for serious classic racing activities.

A gas cell in the outer reservoir helps prevent cavitation under enthusiastic use and the dampers feature a zinc-plated body to keep them looking good and working well for long into the future.

All units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two-year warranty and retail at (fronts) £74.43 inc VAT each inc VAT. Rears can be specified for the de Dion set-up or the live axle at £78.07 each inc VAT.

Height adjustable spring platforms for the front and rear are also available to special order with springs supplied separately according to customer’s requirement.

For further details visit the GAZ website: or or even 01709 703 992 ENDS.